A Quest, Not a Battle

I am not in a battle.

For survival.

I am on a Quest.

For life.



And Longevity.

I am 9 months into this quest.

I have made progress.

My most recent tests show that I have missed some stuff.

That’s okay – I have not lost anything. Only those who fight can lose.

What I do is not a fight – it is pursuit.

I am in pursuit of a better way.

And there are many things I do not know and many things I do not understand, but I will not let that take me off my course.

Over the next few weeks I’ll share with you my assessment and decisions, as I adjust my course and find my way for the next phase of my quest.

Quest – I like that word.

I hope you’ll share it with me.

I hope that this can be true of me and you and us.


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