Mystery rash after eating gluten?

Ok! So I have always had a “sensitivity” to gluten, aka my body hates it and punishes me when I eat it. However, I’m that dumb person who eats it anyway… But, a couple of months back, at the start of my second semester, I hadn’t eaten ramen in many months and I ate some, afterward, my face got really weird. My skin kind of hardened, and then turned bumpy. It was like weird plastic bumpy skin. It was red, but no white spots, and the bumps were tiny. Basically my skin turned, rough, red, hard, and itchy. Ever since then, if I eat a little more gluten then usual, besides the usual punishment my body gives me, I’ve started getting the plastic skin thing again. Is this normal? What is it?? I have found that putting lavender oil on the skin that’s affected does soften it, reduce redness and take away the itching!

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