Is it *just* a sensitivity?

31F, undiagnosed gluten sensitivity.

I went gluten free back in March and felt great, I kept up til a couple weeks ago because I decided I should get tested for celiac again (had a test a year prior because almonds made me sick, but I was low carb at the time so I didn’t know if the test result was accurate).

So I contacted my doc and was to go back on gluten for 6 weeks. First couple of days were ok but by day 4 my neck lymph nodes were swollen and tender and my body aches came back and I was just miserable. So I immediately went off the gluten because I was scared of the neck swelling, it’s been five days since then and my neck still feels uncomfortable (am able to breathe and swallow just fine, but it feels like a tightness or constriction). At this time I also discovered I don’t carry either of the two major celiac genes. So I did some research and found Hashimoto’s matched some of my symptoms and asked to be tested. Also tested for celiac anyway at this point.

Those tests came back normal, no Celiac (though I wasn’t on gluten for the full 6 weeks, but again I don’t have the genes anyway) and no Hashi’s (they did both thyroid antibody tests).

I’m at a loss here. On gluten, I get body aches that range from barely there to really painful, acid reflux, swollen lymph nodes… Any ideas where to look next? My doc doesn’t seem concerned. Is this all this just a sensitivity? I’m intolerant to some nuts and that manifests so differently – stomach cramps, vomiting, diarrhea… I thought I was on to something with hashi’s since I’ve been trying to lose weight and I’ve been having trouble, I get sick easily and take a long time to recover, and I’m tired all the time.

I feel like I’m going crazy. Help!

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