Doctor’d up Costco GF Pizza

If there is one pro-tip I can give to others that you mentioned is using pre-cooked toppings depending on what and how much toppings you use. Certain veggies have excess water that will drain and certain meats like sausage will have a similar issue with oil. A couple of times early on our toppings were a bit to thick and left us with a warm center and burnt edges and toppings that weren’t cooked all the way through.

If you need to pre cook and toppings be wary of placing them still hot on the frozen pizza. This can also make it cook a bit uneven. Most common thing I precook is sausage that I prefer a bit more browned. I dice, brown in a pan and then drain in a paper towel. I wait till it’s slightly warm before topping it on the pizza. Pepperoni doesn’t have this issue as it’s already thin and dry compared to other sausages.

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