A little help on gluten free foods please…

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I recently started Gluten free as i have Hypothyroid and Hashimoto . I got very sick due to this and someone mentioned Gluten free to me. I have only found Rolls at wall mart and a few selections. So everyday i eat a roll a few bananas and some tuna or sardines. Basic force feeding. But now 2 weeks later 14 lbs lost and starting to feel better i need to add more food to my list and the one time i tried the Beef stog. it made me feel sick .. I don’t know if it is the dairy/cheese or not .I have not added dairy back in . Not sure what to eat and my friends told me to ask on reddit so i am asking for help in what i can eat that is gluten free. I love to cook and this has been a shock to me ., But i want to eat better for my body. Any suggestions i would love .

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