Is it Possible to Maintain Weight and still Eat Everything?

Why is food so good? We all love to eat! There are too many good options of food that is hard to say no to. No one wants to do a diet because it’s boring and we all like to keep our options open. It’s easier to just consume what we all want because life is short as it is. Pizza, burgers, ice cream, pastries and more are all what nutritionists will probably say is never good for you. 

Okay now that you realized I love to eat food. I have always struggled with maintaining weight especially as I get older. I have a Spanish background and my family are always cooking so we consume lots of food. Growing up I was never told to worry about eating too much since there was always someone cooking which means you have to eat or it is considered rude. It’s a cultural thing. 

But living in Boston, the majority of people are very cautious of what they consume and with their health overall. This influenced me to do the same since I noticed the worse a girl can discover…the favorite pair of jeans do not fit anymore. 

So, I head to the internet for the all the trending diets and workouts. There is a lot of overwhelming information. All pointed out to a diet called Ketogenic Diet, a method called intermittent fasting, and two workouts called HIIT or CrossFit. 

Some of us would prefer to be able to lose weight by doing the most minimal and others don’t mind to workout. I was trying to avoid working out so I chose intermittent fasting. My goal was to lose some weight and in less time. 

There are lots of information about intermittent fasting so I did whatever anyone else would do…YouTube it. I found you tube channel Thomas Deluar most useful for learning about fasting and I then found a free app called Zero to keep track of your fasting. Time to begin…

This journey started rough because I had to slowly train my body to last longer without food but I noticed more energy, less head fogginess, and felt less hungry. Then with time I learned to obtain a better schedule of fasting and this method takes time to see results.

About 6 months pass and I have to say that it somewhat worked! I did not work out, ate what I wanted, intermittent fasted, and lost weight. However, I say somewhat worked because I noticed when I reached a certain weight, it almost seems like I plateaued and haven’t been able to lose weight anymore. I noticed I was maintaining the weight which is still a great thing but I was nor gaining weight or losing weight. Either way it was is a success! I can continue to maintain the weight and still eat anything as long as I did intermittent fasting.

I know this is trending and I have seen lots of success on youtube of people showing their results. Have you ever tried intermittent fasting? Would you? Was it a bad experience or good one? Would you recommend it? I definitely recommend it especially since it has apparently lots of benefits and also has results.

By the way, after learning about intermittent fasting…I finally understand the word “breakfast” which means breaking your fasting so breakfast. Get it? (palm to face) Yup…just got it and probably the rest of you are like duh.


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