Give me the bubbly!

No, I don’t mean champagne!

I was once a soda addict…. I preferred diet soda, so I didn’t feel too guilty about drinking it. I cleaned up my diet so much that I figured if soda is one of the worst things I’m taking in, who cares…. After all, I’m human. I can’t be perfect. So I cut back, but never gave it up completely.

Sure, I tried. But when I would feel sick, I would want the soda. I tried the sparkling waters – the unsweetened kind tasted terrible to me. Before I gave up sugar that is. Earlier this year, I wanted to clean up my diet a little more…. I wasn’t drinking a ton of soda, though I’ll admit I did drink my fair share while I was recovering from Bells Palsy because I just didn’t feel good in general… Anyways, I decided let’s try some sparkling waters again.

However, I’m not a fan of the sweeteners in some of them. So I decided to go the unsweetened route. And guess what – THEY ARE GOOD! Now, not all of them are super tasty, but I realized quickly that all I really wanted was the bubbles – not the caffeine! So the sparkling unsweetened waters are perfect for me to keep on hand.

The pros of drinking sparkling waters: it’s water. There’s no gross ingredients. The sweeteners in a lot of the sweetened sparkling waters are questionable, plus there’s usually other ingredients. When it comes to reading labels, less ingredients is better. Plus, I occasionally like to slip some Apple Cider Vinegar into my routine, and some flavors work really well with the ACV!

The cons: Please recycle your cans or bottles. And it’s not free like plain water is. That’s it – those are the only cons in my book.

I’ve tried a bunch of brands…..

Here’s some of my favorites to date:

Bubly. But not all the flavors. This one is easy to find, and you can purchase a multi-flavor pack on amazon here to test the waters…. I love love love the cranberry (reminds me of fall) and the strawberry (Light & summery!). I’m not so into orange. But the other flavors are decent!

La Croix. Now, La Croix has their regular waters, and the curate line….. I adore the Curate Cherry Lime – it’s divine! It tastes like a cherry limeade but without all the extra sugary stuff we don’t need! I also really enjoy the cucumber blackberry – it’s light and refreshing, a really nice combination! Definitely two of my favorites. I tried a pineapple strawberry, and was not into it much, but it was tolerable. Here’s a variety pack if you want to try…. As for the other La Croix waters, I have enjoyed all flavors I’ve tried – with the exception of the peach-pear. That just wasn’t my cup of tea. Here’s a variety pack to check out.

Deer Park. I have liked all the Deer Park flavors I’ve tried! I really really love the Raspberry Lime but I can’t find that in too many places. I like that this is a pretty easy brand to find, and does go on sale. Also coupons come out for Deer Park (especially catalinas – the ones that print at the register when you check out at some stores). Most mainstream grocery or big box stores sell Deer Park, and the flavors are good, win-win.

Good & Gather. This is a new one I recently tried. It’s Target’s new in-house brand (it replaced Archer Farms & Simply Balanced) so that’s where to go for it. I really tried it because there was a Cartwheel discount, and the flavor I got really caught my eye – Cranberry Citrus. This one is really nice, and screams fall to me. I haven’t tried any other flavors but I will pick some up on my next Target run. These are very reasonably priced so check them out!

Two others I love but they didn’t get in the picture – Lidl & Aldi! Both do carry mainstream brands, but inventory changes. I’ve gotten Deer Park & La Croix at Aldi before…. But their in-house brands are really really good! In fact, the Aldi brand is my mom’s favorite of them all! They have a great variety of flavors and a great price point so if you shop at either of those stores, definitely check them out!

What’s your favorite sparkling water? Which should I try next? I’d love your feedback!

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