Looking for your best gf muffin recipes (that taste like gluten full items to make for party)

My brunch baby shower is in a few weeks. I would love to have some mini muffins for the event.

Of course, they need to be gluten free for me to enjoy. But, just as important, they need to taste like their real deal gluten full counterparts. So, “skeptics” won’t know the difference to avoid complaining and/or throw them away since gf items are more expensive to make.

Added bonus, if anyone has a muffin recipe for any of these flavors: pumpkin, apple cinnamon, zucchini or lemon… although I am open to other recipes I can make at home for myself (or that could a hit for the party). ?

Also, if anyone has used a premade gluten free mix that can be use as a base to make good muffins, I am open to that too.

Edited to note: I am unable to consume soy. So, soybean oil, soy flour or soy lecithin can not be in the ingredients list.

Thanks in advance! ?

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