Made the Thai Green Chili Paste and then the Thai Green Chili Chicken from Chef Show! Turned out amazing

Everything is an estimate based on watching the show, they used rice, I used rice noodles instead because that’s what I had on hand:


~15 cloves Garlic (skin removed)

2-3 Jalapeno (rough chop)

1 cup cilantro 

1 tbsp kefir lime skin (just the bumps, none of the white)

~.5 cup loose pack Thai basil

1 green Bell pepper (rough chop)

1 Red onion (rough chop)

2-3 stalks Lemon grass (chopped)

~10 Thai chilies (stems removed)

~6 tbsp Shrimp paste

1 tbsp Kafir lime leaves


~3-4 tbsp Black pepper 

~1-2 cups Water (just to fill halfway up veggies)

Combine all ingredients in blender and blend till smooth paste.


1.5-2 cups Curry paste made above

.25 cup Fish sauce

1-2 Red Bell pepper(sliced)

2-3 Green Bell pepper (sliced)

~1 tbsp Sugar

1.5-4 cups Coconut Milk (depending on spice level)

~.5 cup Bamboo shoots (thinly sliced about 1″ long, canned?)

White rice

~3-4 cups Chicken breast (chopped into bite sized pieces)

Cook rice

Heat wok to medium high heat

Add coconut milk 1.5-2 cups

Add 1.5-2 cups curry paste

Reduce sauce

Par boil chicken

Add chicken to sauce

Add .25 cup fish sauce

Par boil peppers

Add peppers

Add sugar

Par boil bamboo

Add bamboo

Add more coconut milk if too spicy

Add basil

Remove from heat and stir in basil

Serve over rice

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