Thanksgiving dinner advice

Canadian here so yes, Thanksgiving is this weekend.

I go to school across the country from my home and last year one of my friends who lives closer to school invited a bunch of us over to have Thanksgiving dinner with her family. They’ve extended the invitation to us again this year, the only problem is I developed a gluten sensitivity/intolerance since last year.

I feel like the easiest course of action would be for me to bring a side or two (Mainly gravy and stuffing) that I know are gluten-free. I should be safe with turkey, mashed potatoes, and vegetables no?

So basically, my questions are 1) Is it rude to bring my own food? and 2) Recommendations for gluten-free stuffing/gravy that is good and low-effort? I don’t want to be monopolizing the kitchen to make one side for myself while my friends mom is making a full meal for like nine people.

To be clear, I’m not worried about cross-contamination, just eating a gluten-full meal would ruin my night.

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