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Sharing her before and after transformation images to Reddit, the woman was ecstatic to reveal she had lost 30 lbs (two stone and two pounds). The poster, known as “meowitsmichelle” said she wasn’t completely done with her weight loss journey. She revealed she lost the weight by a change in her diet. There was one particular diet the poster used to help her shed the weight – the keto diet.

Responding to questions about her diet on a Reddit thread celebrating people who have lost weight following the keto diet, “meowitsmichelle” wrote: “My biggest change has just been how I look at food.

“Every meal was pasta, bread, rice and then multiple times a week washing it all down with 4-8 Coronas.

“Not to say I’ve stopped drinking, but have switched to the Claws lol.”

White Claw is a brand of low calorie alcoholic drink that has become popular in the USA in recent months.

It is not yet available to buy in the UK, but comes in six different flavours in America.

The Reddit poster explained she hadn’t finished on her weight loss journey, and explained: “My ultimate goal was to be under 160 but once I hit that I changed it to be around 140.”

The Keto diet has become wildly popular in recent times, and many people – celebrities and normal people alike – with many sharing their tips and tricks.

One of those celebs is Jonathan Ross, who followed the keto diet to lose two stone.

Speaking in 2015, Ross said he cut out sugar and carbs in a bid to slim down. He said: “My wife wanted to go on an eating plan so you can actually maintain it, but also really enjoy food.”

Rather than paying an expensive nutritionist, Ross revealed he surfed the internet for diet inspiration.

It was then he discovered the keto diet – popular with many weight loss devotees online.

He said: “A lot of them [Reddit users] were talking about a diet called Keto. It’s a bit like Atkins but more scientific.

“It’s mostly meat and fish, lots of egg and cheese. You have a lot of cauliflower. There is a lot of work involved so I watch them working quite hard in the kitchen and eat everything they’ve made.”

What exactly can you eat on the keto plan? What macros should followers aim for?

Rafael Rozenson, nutritional expert and founder of, said: “For those wanting to lose weight, you may want to start your ratio at 40 per cent carbs, 40 per cent protein and 20 per cent fat.”

The expert added if weight loss is your main goal, it is important that you eat fewer calories than your maintenance calories intake.

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