Need a little help to identify my food intolerances (please read the OP!)

Gluten was easy to identify as antagonistic to my health because of how titanic the changes were between eating and removing it. Nonetheless, similar but more subdued symptoms persist and I have take upon myself to finally deal with an exhaustive food elimination process, including a detailed diary of my daily variations on 5 major elements :

  1. Stool quality

  2. New acne lesions/rashes

  3. Fatigue/Irritability

  4. Pain

  5. Nasal congestion

The protocol is fairly simple : I ate only tubers and veggies I had high confidence in for a week, then added one new suspicious items every 3 days and ate a moderate amount of it.

So far, I’ve been able to successfully identify unfermented soy as a trigger of acne lesions and brown rice as the source of mild stomach pain (3/10) and truly debilitating mental fatigue (7-9/10) in the following days. I cannot say whether white rice – or even any other grains – would produce the same effect, as I’m unwilling to experiment further before first getting over the rice-induced “cognitive coma”.

On the other hand, thankfully, I’ve been able to evaluate as risk-free every legumes, fruits and vegetables I tried so far, including members of the reviled nightshade family.

Here are my questions :

  1. What reliable resources would you recommend in the context of a food trial? Or any general advices?

  2. Do you have any suggestion of food/item I should be cautious of? I don’t consume animal products of any kind and I cook all my own food, so no need to advise me in these regards!


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