Sure, Gastric Bypass Works for Adolescents, But for How Long?

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Band-type gastric bypass

From The New England Journal of Medicine:

Adolescents and adults who underwent gastric bypass had marked weight loss that was similar in magnitude 5 years after surgery. Adolescents had remission of diabetes and hypertension more often than adults.

Note, however,

Three adolescents (1.9%) and seven adults (1.8%) died in the 5 years after surgery. The rate of abdominal reoperations was significantly higher among adolescents than among adults (19 vs. 10 reoperations per 500 person-years, P=0.003).

Source: Five-Year Outcomes of Gastric Bypass in Adolescents as Compared with Adults | NEJM

I readily admit that gastric bypass is very effective method of weight loss and way to put type 2 diabetes into remission. But it’s a roll of the dice, and expensive.

Steve Parker, M.D.

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