I went down to Foodshed following their suggestion to try some of their Keto friendly items on one of my Instagram posts.

I fell in love with the minimal decor; beautiful chevron patterned floors, wooden tables, small light fixtures and lavender in tin watering pots placed in charming corners. The best part were the huge windows/glass doors and how they allowed the sun to brighten up the whole space.

Staff were kind and accommodating. A lovely lady named Annadel took our orders. I was being a particularly difficult customer that day (not on purpose). I had her change the order atleast 4 times but she remained patient and sweet through it all.


I asked for the Keto special and it was phenomenal! Tender chicken strips in cooked in an exquisite, buttery mushroom sauce with a side of fragrant riced cauliflower. Don’t let the the portion size fool you because it’s quite dense and will definitely fill you up. You won’t find this item on the menu, but it’s up on the board along with the list of coffee and other beverages. I also ordered a very refreshing mint lemonade with my meal.

My friend asked for the buttermilk fried chicken. It came with a side of potato wedges and coleslaw and he was really into it. Obviously it wasn’t keto friendly, but that didn’t stop me from taking a tiny bite of the chicken. And let me tell you, the chef knew exactly what he/she was doing. So delicious!

On the down side, the superfood salad (kale, quinoa, avocado and a whole bunch of nutritious veggies) with the side of prawns was the only thing that could use some improvement. The prawns were too cold and difficult to chew. Avoiding the quinoa was pretty difficult too, but that’s mostly my fault for not reading the description on the menu. Amazing salad dressing though.

After lunch, we sat outside at one of their picnic style tables. I got an iced latte with coconut milk and a Spanish iced coffee for my friend. I’ve always been reluctant to order iced coffee, but I totally understand the appeal now. It was very cooling and not as bitter as I’d expected.

Final notes:
People in Khalifa Park area have no idea how good they have it with all the fantastic restaurants in their neighbourhood. Foodshed is definitely up there with the greats, not just for catering to Ketoers, but for the calm ambiance and wonderful service it provides. I strongly recommend it to anyone who’s looking to de-stress and in search of a good meal.

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