glutened by gluten free flour

I was just diagnosed with Celiac disease, and I’ve been gluten free since two months. Yesterday I ate “GF” wheat flour in the form of pancakes and sandwiches. This wheat flour is considered “safe” by everyone. My doctor and dietician recommended it to me, and it is sold in almost every store where I live. It says on the packaging that it has less than 20ppm of gluten. So I made some delicious pancakes, in fact they were the best pancakes I ever had. And of course now, 24 hours later I am shitting like it’s my only purpose in life. I told my wife that from now on I can never eat any gluten at all, not even one single ppm. She thinks I am exaggerating, and is annoyed with me because it’s supposed to be “safe”, and that I probably got sick from something else..

So I ask you reddit, is it impossible to get sick from 20ppm gluten?

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