Little Northern Bakehouse Sprouted Honey Oat & 7 Grain Gluten-Free Breads—A Product Review 10/11/2019 – Most people already know that sprouted grains are healthier than their non-sprouted versions, mainly due to the enzyme activity which breaks down the starches and makes them easier for you to digest. However, finding a gluten-free sprouted grain bread has never been easy—at least not until now.

Little Northern Bakehouse makes two outstanding gluten-free, sprouted breads: Sprouted Honey Oat Bread, and their 7 Grain Bread.

You may recall our review of their hot dog and hamburger buns in which we were blown away by their taste and texture. Amazingly Little Northern Bakehouse has managed to blow us away again with these two sandwich breads. Their quality, taste, texture, and “mouthfeel” are simply incredible, and second to none!

On top of their perfect taste and texture, neither of gluten-free sandwich breads will fall apart. We made some of the best panini sandwiches that I’ve had since going gluten-free, and the bread did not crack, crumble, or leave crumbs on our plates.

Both breads are also a healthy choice, and one serving (two slices) of each contains 3-4 grams of your daily fiber. These breads really are “the greatest thing since sliced bread!”

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