WeI glutened myself

My husband and I just moved to Japan for his work. I was so excited because I lived here 10 years ago (before my gluten sensitivity started). I remember getting wonderful tea from the vending machine and all the wonderful restaurants etc. I knew it would be challenging because of the language barrier but I really underestimated just how hard it is. At least at the start. Today, we went to a restaurant and my lunch was an undressed salad and plain white rice. Literally the only things I could eat.

Soy sauce is in EVERYTHING. Almost all sauces or dressings or marinades have soy sauce. I’m going to start bringing a survival kit of furikake and gluten free tamari so at least my plain white rice will be fancy. Lol.

Also, I managed to poison myself with tea! Cold Oolong tea, green tea, and black tea are in every vending machine. So I went to a vending machine and thought I was getting Oolong tea. Guess what…. Barley tea. I was making emergency trips to the restroom and contemplating my life choices with the worst stomach ache.

Luckily we had a Japanese national show us around for a couple days and she saved me from glutening myself a few times. I already feel so much better. She also wrote down a message for me to show to restaurants so they can help me avoid gluten. And it really works.

Anyone else get glutened due to a language barrier?

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