Waffle Iron Hash Browns

These Waffle Iron Hash Browns are our favorite new breakfast hack that has us reaching for our potato peeler.

Using your waffle iron to make these crispy Waffle Iron Hashbrowns, not only eliminates all the extra oil from pan-frying, it helps turn your waffle iron into more than just a one-trick pony.

Crispy is the name of the game

We’re all about finding ways to improve our favorite recipes by making them healthier. The key to the perfect crispy hashbrowns isn’t frying in access oil, it’s as simple as reducing moisture. By using starchy russet potatoes, and squeezing them through a kitchen towel, you get fluffy hashbrowns with perfectly crispy edges.

Potatoes are a carbohydrate (a starchy vegetable). Like with any carbohydrate, we recommend enjoying them alongside a high-quality protein source, healthy fat, and of course plenty of fiber.

For a breakfast that’s quick and easy, we love to serve these crispy Waffle Iron Hash Browns with scrambled eggs. Adding your favorite fresh fruit avocado gives an additional boost of vitamins and fiber.

Breakfast is a big deal

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