Little Northern Bakehouse: The Wider the Slice, the Bigger the Sandwich 10/16/2019 – Going without gluten shouldn’t mean giving up great taste and texture or settling for a smaller sandwich. You deserve a fair (and fair-sized) slice. Little Northern Bakehouse’s Wide Slice loaves deliver everything sandwich-lovers crave, starting with bread that’s not only good for gluten-free, it’s good period.

Whether you choose our White Wide Slice for its fluffy, kid-friendly feel, or our Whole Grain Wide Slice for a deliciously hearty bite, both varieties give you soft-textured, sizable slices made with sandwich-making in mind. Unlike the gluten-free breads of yesteryear that crumbled under pressure too easily to support more than the simplest of fillings, our Wide Slice loaves are sturdy enough to stand up to serious sandwich stacking. Toasted or fresh from the bag, Little Northern Bakehouse’s Wide Slice loaves have the strength to hold up to towering triple-decker appetites.

Made with a gluten-free, whole grain blend of brown rice, teff, millet, and red and white quinoa, our Whole Grain Wide Slice bread is more than just an attractive canvas for grown-up lunchtime ambitions it delivers 4 grams of fiber in every two-slice serving. 

Long for a delicate base for fancier fare? Our White Wide Slice is fit for high tea and crustless cucumber sandwiches with a gluten-free Queen. And pickiest little partiers will delight in serving strawberry jam on spotlessly white bread at their next Saturday afternoon stuffed animal soirée or teddy bear picnic.  

In addition to being gluten-free, both Wide Slice loaves are plant-based, Non-GMO Project Verified, and allergy-friendly. With no peanuts, tree-nuts, milk, eggs, wheat, soy, coconut, or sesame, these school-safe slices are perfect for building packable lunches that appeal to kids and adults alike. 

From nut-free fluffernutters to plant-based mac & cheese stuffed grilled cheese sandwiches,  Little Northern Bakehouse has gluten-free recipes for every occasion. Get fresh mealtime ideas today!

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