So, celiac just started feeling like a disease

Since I made my first post here, I’ve gone from suspecting celiac to getting a confirmation of celiac to getting a bunch of details I didn’t really want or expect.

It was almost funny when this diagnosis meant simply “give up bread and cookies.” So simple that it was just funny. Since the Ttg test came back, I’ve had my endoscopy, blood draw to check vitamin levels, x-rays, and a bone density scan. Some of those results have come back and it isn’t just a silly “give up bread and you’ll be fine.” 41 years of misdiagnosis have led to lack of bone density, degenerative spinal arthropathy/osteoarthritis in my neck (from vitamin deficiency), and who knows what else they’ll find next. If they had caught this years ago, some of this wouldn’t have been so much of an issue – but now…

So, it isn’t funny anymore. On the other hand, the depression and anxiety that I supposedly had for the past 20 years could possibly be related to the reaction to gluten…I guess that’s something.

Sorry, just needed to vent for a moment.

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