Vikki lost 55 pounds

Transformation of the Day: Vikki lost 55 pounds by embracing healthy eating habits and working with her trainer. She is a busy wife, mother, grandmother, and business owner. She is also an abuse survivor and someone who knows the power of faith. With her husband by her side as her accountability partner, she has transformed her life.

Vikki before and after

I can’t say that I necessarily ever wanted to give up. I will say there were times that I didn’t want to even start or apply the effort towards healthier living. In my thirties, I weighed 210 pounds at my heaviest and had no idea; until I couldn’t fit into a size 20 at Old Navy (2006). From then on, I stopped drinking soda and stopped eating red meat. The weight fell off, and I kept the worst of it off, yet I still knew nothing about fitness or proper nutrition.

Fast forward to the last few years; I started applying myself to fitness and better eating habits. Then I hit a plateau, going no lower than 180 pounds. I started cycling, doing Zumba and other fitness classes, but I was still stuck at the same size and weight. I had energy, but it was poorly spent and the stubborn fat that wasn’t going away.

When my hubby and I were dating pre-marriage, we’d meet up at the gym, workout, and then have a fatty dinner at a restaurant. Truly counterproductive! (By the way, he is my best accountability partner, and he is on the same health journey that I’m on!) At the time, I believed I was truly doing something effective in the gym. However, I never broke a sweat or burned a substantial amount of calories. I did try going low carb. I also tried supplements for a short while, but I was never big on wasting my money or time (other than on shoes and handbags). Just like most things in life, I knew that if I applied myself and were accountable, I’d improve. In other words, do better, get better.

Vikki before and after

I honestly wasn’t committed. The biggest mistake for me: I convinced myself that I didn’t need a trainer. Yet, everyone needs a teacher. So I made an investment, and that was the turning point for me. As a 46-year-old black woman, I began working with a trainer who trained one of my peers, and their success rate was impeccable. I started her easy-to-follow program and lost 5 pounds within four days. “Eat clean and burn calories!” she says. On January 21, 2019, I weighed 185 pounds and wore a size 12/14. I now weigh 155 and wear a size 6. I’m only 5’3.

I eat a balance of good carbs, proteins, and good fats. (Egg whites, veggies, lean meat (sometimes none), and good fats for snacks like nuts and avocado.) When I started with my trainer in January, I didn’t eat any cheese at all. My heaviest meal is lunch or midday when I eat my healthy portion of carbs; 1/4 sweet potato or brown rice. I don’t eat bread or pasta. I do eat fruit, but watch my consumption and mostly have melons and berries.

Because I know my strongholds, I stopped eating them. I love pizza and Kit Kats, so I rarely eat them, but if I do, it’s one and done. I drink coffee and water only, and I drink whey protein after workouts for muscle repair.

At this point, I’m pretty addicted to working out. I stay motivated by watching fitness trainers online and on Instagram. I work out 5-6 days weekly and sometimes two times a day.

I decided to tap into the unknown capabilities of my body. I do heavy cardio: stair master, incline sprints, and Tabata. Cycling is my favorite form of cardio. I also do HIIT workouts with resistance weight like medicine balls or bands. I do not work out at home because that’s an epic fail for me.

Ladies, we must lift weights! I don’t use machine weights. I train with free weights, and I keep going heavier as it gets easier. I hit my legs hard because the quads and glutes are the largest and hardest to change. I burn more calories in my legs, with squats, presses, jumps, and lunges.

I’ve learned, and I advise people not to condemn yourself with the scale. The scale is like a credit report; it goes up and down, and it’s deceitful. Measure yourself with your clothes and take progress pics regularly. Also, believe it when people say you’ve lost weight. They see you more objectively than you see yourself. Also, find a teacher! If your toilet breaks, you find a plumber. If your hair is messy, you go to the salon. So if you need to lose weight and get fit, invest in a good trainer!

Vikki before and after

Lastly, don’t just lose weight. Focus on getting fit, as well. Some people will try to lose pounds only and find themselves still dissatisfied with how they look because they’ve done nothing to tone and shape. Remember, this is a process. Your body will morph, and you will look funny at times. There will be times when you see results and times when you won’t, but keep going! THERE IS NO PERFECT BODY!

You cannot ruin a good diet in a few days. In other words, if you cheat on vacation or have a couple of bad meals, it doesn’t mean it’s time to throw in the towel. Shake that crap off, throw out the guilt trip, and keep working.

So now for the tear jerker: As a young, single mother, I was on drugs and in and out of abusive relationships. I’ve been locked up, homeless, and I almost lost my kids. I’m a victim of childhood rape and molestation. I was told I wouldn’t amount to anything. Fast forward: I’m a wife, mother, granny, and business owner. I obtained my degree at 44 years old (2017). I get plenty of rest and make it to the temple for worship on time. I make it work!

My fitness journey is part of my testimony of overcoming defeat. Through Christ, I can do all things…that’s the motto! I pray, fast, worship, and pray some more. My fitness work is a part of my worship, and I am the temple. I’m not doing anything by my own strength. It’s a faith thing.

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