Cattle, climate change and the methane myth…-methane-myth/

This is a most excellent read. Dr. Frank Mitloehner goes into the whole economics and greenhouse gas thing for animal agriculture. Definitely worth a read.

He also makes this point:

“One of the big issues is that people in animal agriculture try to appease that 1 or 2% of the fringe that make all this noise, and they completely forget the 98% that actually like animal-source foods and that have high confidence in that food being produced in a humane and a responsible fashion. We need to stop doing that; we will never appease the fringe. You will never appease those people shouting for meat tax and propositions and so forth.”

Which is something I don’t think enough people realise. Nothing is going to appease the militant vegans — they’re essentially religious zealots and intend to convert the “masses” whether they like it or not. We need to find ways to defuse their message that the 98% of people, who just want to get on with their lives and not have to worry about the ecological consequences of what they’re eating, will find palatable. Doing that will essentially immunize them against vegan propaganda. Thanks to the Courtesy of :

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