Anyone else first/worst symptom dizziness?

I went gf last spring and got pretty serious about it. Had my doctor include in other blood tests last month. I came back negative for celiac and I truly hope I am but realize there are problems with how I was tested. Yesterday I decided to relax and ate a bit of a seafood pancake and the cone from a McDonald’s ice cream. My plan is to try to eat gluten and get tested again. I got so dizzy! I could barely drive. Still dizzy when I got up this morning. Anybody else have dizziness as a major problem when they eat gluten? With heartburn? Ugh. I don’t want to do this. I think this is funny/strange: I’ve always been heavy and have tried different diets and calorie restrictions my whole adult life. But I always had cravings for the foods I was trying to avoid. Not so when I decided to go gluten free. I honestly don’t want or like breads or baked desserts or pizza even. Once I figured out that I have a problem everything clicked into place. Most of the big problem foods I gave up years ago because they made me feel awful. I still overeat but have no desire to eat gluten. My idea of coziness is to be at home with foods I can eat (junk food or not) and not have to worry about other peoples cooking.

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