I’d like to have a WTF rant about GF options.

For years I’ve had people telling me how they found GF foods and trying to give me advice like “hay you can eat rice crackers right?” OMG thank you for the amazing food help and changing my life.

Ok for a start Don’t give a Coeliac advice unless you really know what you are on about

Let’s look at the shopping genius.

In Australia Corn Flakes are cheap enough from a Branded company right… oh wait .. contains Gluten. Facepalm

Oh look GF Corn Flakes (at this point I feel like rocking in the corner and banging my head on the wall)

So let’s see by not adding gluten to the corn mix it somehow makes it a rare find so the box is half the size And so rare that it is twice the price. Making it 4 x more expensive per gram than the regular Corn Flakes. ARRRRRRRRRRRRR

So let’s get back to the Rice Crackers. Firstly they don’t keep or travel as a sandwich like everyone else can do. So now my lunch box is a small cooler with a mini kitchen inside to make lunch fresh at the time. Not so easy when I’m a truck driver with shit to do -:- Insert Brown Sugar meme here -:- Ant nobody got time for that.

Next let’s now raise the master pease to your lips ready to bite into the perfection of salad and dressing freshly glistening in the morning sun you bite down with long awaited anticipation ready to accept this food of the gods into your mouth and take you to a euphoric dream land of flavour and happiness. As you crunch through the 2 crispy layers suddenly like a bad nightmare you discover the hidden trap that lay awaiting you, as the shards of rice and corn explode from your mouth like a swot raid. The contents spewing from your face like colourful waterfall from a psychedelic dream. The sauce painting away any form of dignity you had as your left looking like an escape nut from the asylum……


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