Why are people surprised gluten free foods taste good?

Small rant warning:

I myself am not gluten free, but my SO’s entire family has either gluten sensitivity or celiacs. Since I spend a lot of time with them and food is my hobby, I’ve adjusted my cooking and baking at home to mostly gluten free. It’s just easier sometimes.

This weekend I made a huge batch of gluten free pumpkin spice cupcakes and took them to a get together with my friends. They enjoyed them and asked for a recipe and when I mentioned they were gluten free, they seemed truly surprised. “I would never have guessed these weren’t regular cupcakes! They’re really good!”

These are people who don’t ever eat gluten free purposefully, but they seem to expect gluten free foods to taste bad. I’ve seen this happen a lot when I take naked goods to work, too. My friends and coworkers are really out there thinking I eat bad food ?

Why do people seem surprised that gluten free food taste good? Does it annoy anyone else or am I just being a grump today?

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