Could I have a intolerance similar to, but not gluten? Maybe like a fructan intolerance?

I have been eating gluten free for about a month, and had decent remission of my digestive and mental symptoms. However, on Saturday I was at an event and ended up having to eat some gluten. I ate a tortilla, but interestingly enough though, I felt perfectly fine. So on sunday I ate some amazing wontons with sour cream, and some tomato salad. Even more interestingly I got some mild symptoms of slow digestion but that could be attributed to the massive speed of me inhaling those wontons. Several hours later, I ate some more wontons, but this time I ate a pear with it, and within an hour, depression and brain fog set in. So im confused as to what exactly could be causing my symptoms, because those wontons were made out of wheat. And now ~24 hours later Im back to feeling fine.

Do you guys have any experiences you could share, or some insights? I would greatly appreciate it!

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