I’m being glutened. Help!

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Hi I need your help to think. My daughter (6) and I have had celiac disease for about 3 11/2 years. We were diagnosed almost at the same time. Both of us have had yearly blood tests to check that everything was good and that we managed to stay 100% glutenfree.

About one year ago I went to my yearly check up and found out I was being glutened. Really long story short. After about 6 months my doctor told me to quit my job in kindergarten because I was still getting glutened. I had started working in August, gradually gotten more and more, sick and did my first blood test in November. So we all thought it was my job.

I thought everything was good. That I just had been a little tired the last few weeks. Went to my yearly check up again. And I’m getting contaminated somehow. But my daughter took tests that same day and hers are fine.

I am super careful. Well at least I thought so… I have no idea how I’m getting gluten in me. My two sons and husband have a small section in the kitchen where that are allowed to have gluten bread and cereal. That’s all the gluten we have in the house.

I don’t know what to do. And I don’t understand how I’m contaminated but not my daughter

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