How to read a Nutrition Facts Label for Keto

Carbohydrates on the Ketogenic diet

An example of a random Nutrition Facts label that you should avoid on the keto diet.

  • Sugars: what is naturally occurring in the product
  • Added Sugars: The extra sugars that they have added to the product.

Animal Products on the Ketogenic diet.

Ground beef along with many other animal products are common staples in the ketogenic diet. I would consume around 8 oz of this ground beef (so double the serving size) with some broccoli (see below). This will give me 40g of protein out of my 150g protein goal (getting another 5-10g of protein with the broccoli).

Total Calories for this one meal 540 from meat, 60 from broccoli = 600 calories

Egg perfection

Eggs are one of the most common keto meals. No carbs, rich in protein and fat, cooking versatility, cheap, and filling! Take a look at this Nutrition Facts Label along with the others to get a better understanding of what kind proteins, fats, and carbs are in eggs.


Most vegetables will not have a nutrition label on them, but that is just one internet search away. Look at this label along with the first one to understand what you are looking at. One of the great things about vegetables is that you can fill up your plate and your stomach without raking up extra calories left and right.

Be careful not to eat too many, kicking you out of ketosis.

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