accidentally ate gluten and I’m nervous about what’s to come :( any tips?

I found out in March I am allergic to gluten, I’m not celiac but gluten sensitive and avoid it at all costs Bc it made me miserable in every way. I glutened myself 6 weeks into a GF diet and got a fever, migraine, bloating, stomach pains, brain fog, crazy anxiety and depression, and couldn’t eat for a few days and took weeks to get back to normal. Only recently have I felt like I’m back to myself after my new GF lifestyle.

Well dumb me who is usually so careful checked every ingredient at a BBQ tonight besides the morning star veggie burgers and they contain wheat and gluten. i used to eat them but I guess it was before I was GF and didn’t realize that. I just started a new job 2 weeks ago and I’m so nervous about what’s about to happen to me and how it’ll affect my performance.

Any tips to lessen the symptoms and exposure? Anything is appreciated, thank you 🙁

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