Looking for some comfort

Hi guys.

So, I went out for dinner (tapas) first time since gf last night. It went ok. First time I’ve had to sit there with this unwieldy allergen list and cross reference it to the menu, which was irritating. All potato dishes have gluten, well, no carbs for me tonight then. All the chicken dishes too. Hmm… well I guess the one beef dish looks ok. Oh, one out of 5 mushroom dishes if gf, so lets go for that. Thankfully the cheese is gf too.

So, I was fine then, nice out with friends, found food, was very tasty. But I was planning on baking today and I can’t face it. I just stood in the kitchen and cried. I’m going to go through a ton of effort with multiple times more expensive ingredients to make a wildly inferior product. Then it hit me how unfair it is that I couldn’t even have potatoes last night.

So I beseech you Reddit, please tell me that I will eventually accept this and it will get a bit easier? I know it’s early days, but I want some comforting from people who know, not the sympathy bordering on pity you usually get.

TL/DR newly GF. Sad. Tell me is gets a bit easier please.

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