Gluten free buttercream sugar cookies!

My non-GF partner said last night these were the best sugar cookies he’s ever had. Going to adjust the recipes and add them to my regularly offered items soon.

Cookie: I did the cutout recipe and found that the fridge time was sooooo important. I actually cut the dough on parchment and put it in the freezer for several minutes before trying to remove the extra. The dough goes soft VERY fast at room temp. I used KA measure for measure with great success for the GF blend.

Frosting: My bonus Grannie’s receipe.

1/2 C room temp butter (salted)

1/2 C room temp vegetable shortening

3 Cups powdered sugar, sifted to ensure NO lumps.

2 tsp clear vanilla

1 1/2 Tbsp milk

Combine and whisk together until fully mixed and fluffed. Separate into bowls for color mixing. After mixed, fill piping bags. (For these, I just snipped a small hole in the end rather than using couplers and icing tips.)

The icing will crust after a few hours enough to lightly stack them. Squishing them tightly will result in stuck cookies and smooshed frosting– but still delicious.

*Although this should go without saying, make sure all your ingredients are GF. I picked up some baking soda a few days ago while at the store that was not GF. This has also happened with spices and extracts.

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