Broken Shed Vodka is Naturally Gluten-Free 11/01/2019 – Vodka, are they all the same? We think not. The source of the ingredients, the base distillate and the intent of the blender are all critical to the final product.  We have discovered a new vodka we love, and highly recommend you try.  

Broken Shed Vodka from New Zealand is distilled from whey and uniquely blends two water sources including natural mineral water from a 15,000-year-old aquifer, to get the taste profile their master blender Mark Simmonds was after.  He told us there are two ways to make vodka. The hard way is to rely only on the blending of distillate and the waters to get the character and smoothness we look for in premium vodka.  Mark said it is worth the effort as it results in a great vodka with a clean taste, a great roundness and a warmth that allows Broken Shed to stand out among its competition. 

We like that Broken Shed contains no additives, is non-GMO and is certified naturally gluten-free.  They have recently been awarded gold medals from and the San Diego Spirits Festival adding to their accolades.  Broken Shed Vodka is available in 18 states plus NZ and Australia.

For specifics on where to find and some delicious recipes check their website

It is worth the effort to seek out, you will not be disappointed.

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