How I read a Nutrition Facts label on the Keto diet

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Before looking at the Nutrition facts label

There are certain indications that can help you decide if a food item is worth your money on the keto diet.

Ask yourself these questions:

  1. “Are there obvious carbs in here” if the answer is yes, then put it down.
  2. “Is this a protein, a vegetable, or a fat?” If it’s not, look at the label
  3. “Do I know other ketogenic dieters that eat this?”
  4. “Is what I’m looking at a marketing ploy?”
  5. “Will it be easy or hard to fit this food item easily into my 80/20 fat to protein ratio ?”

All of these questions should be considered when you are looking at food products to buy on the ketogenic diet. If what you’re holding doesn’t raise suspicion, turn it over and look at the Nutritional Facts label.

Where I look first

Where I look second

Where I don’t look

  • Daily Value: set up for the Standard American Diet (SAD) not, keto.
  • Saturated fat: Doesn’t cause heart disease or other adverse health conditions. (I’ll be publishing an eBook that’ll explain this in detail)
  • Trans fats: Are practically forbidden nowadays. Its found in processed foods.
  • Sodium: See Saturated fats for the same reasons
  • Micro nutrients: People following the SAD need to look here, those on the keto diet should not have micro nutrient deficiencies.

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