I’m not very good at cooking but when I was diagnosed with Coeliac disease I decided I had better learn. This is what I made today. GF Strawberries and cream cake.

I just use pre mixed GF self raising flour off the supermarket shelf and otherwise stick to whatever recipe I’m making. I’m not a baking expert or anything.

130g of GF self raising flour 130g Caster sugar 130g Unsalted butter at room temp. 2 large eggs Some vanilla extract 200ml or more of Double cream Some icing sugar for dusting.

Sieve the flour from a height of about 1.5ft (so its nice and light) into a large mixing bowl. Add the Caster sugar. Add the butter. Mix. Add the eggs and mix well. Pour into a buttered or lined cake tin. Bake at 180c for 20mins then turn it down to 150c for about another 10mins or until your cake tester comes out clean. The higher initial temp ensures you get a nice thin brown crispy crust in the cake but if you leave it too long it will burn so be careful.

Do not make the filling until you remove the cake from the oven. Leave the cream in the fridge until then as it needs to be cold to not go all runny. The filling is whipped double cream. I separate this into two halves and whip strawberry jam into one half. The plain whipped cream goes on the bottom half of the cake, then a layer of halved strawberries. Then the strawberry jam infused whipped cream goes on top of the strawberries. Then I put the top on and dust it with a little icing sugar. If you want to fancy it ip you can place a strawberry on the top but I’m not that fancy and my family and I demolish one of these cakes quickly so it doesn’t matter what it looks like.

To eat it, serve it on a plate and use a fork. It squidges all over the place and turns to crumbs if you handle it too much. But it is delicious!

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