Very low gluten sensitivity


When I was a little boy I was diagnosed with celiac disease. It began when I experienced some stomach aches for a while which eventually went away but my parents insisted that we went to a doctor anyways to make sure. After several blood tests which left unsure results I eventually got the ol’ stomach probe which concluded that I indeed had celiac disease based on the condition of my intestines if I recall correctly.

However, the thing that baffles me is how low I am on this scale which almost makes me doubt the doctors conclusion. I could eat pizzas, bread and pasta for several days without any symptoms, I’ve always thought that the damage is unnoticable but every single person with gluten sensitivity / celiac disease I’ve met seem to experience almost violent symptoms from the even the slighest amount of gluten.

I understand that there probably is some kind of scale but is there anyone else that has this same low gluten sensitivity as I do? Sometimes I kinda doubt I’m even allergic.

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