Is Aldi’s line of GF products decent? Does anyone have any advice for GF baking beginners?

So, I have an aunt with Celiac disease. There’s a lot of items I can’t get anymore because I live in a rural area, however, I do have an Aldi about 5 minutes away from where I work.

This brings me to a crossroads:

They have a gluten free flour. Since it’s approaching the holidays, I figured it would be a good time to start experimenting with making pies.

I made a bread pudding a couple years ago for Thanksgiving, and since then I’ve been told I have to contribute to the dessert table. But, since I use brioche, my aunt can’t eat it and I really want her to be able to eat what I bring.

There are two things I would like to be able to make: pie crust and cake batter. I am going over to her house on Saturday and I thought it might be fun if I make cupcakes with my cousin (7). But again, I want my aunt to be able to eat them too.

Since I work as a cake decorator right now, I could just buy it and try it out to see if it’s worth it, but a lot of GF flours are kind of touchy and the last time I did a pie crust with a gluten-free flour, I think it absorbed a lot of moisture from the filling and it was just a 100% failure.

Does anyone have any advice for general GF baking? And if anyone has used Aldi’s GF flour, did they like it?

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