Vempampoo Rice Recipe (Dried Neem Flowers Rice)

Vempampoo or Dried neem flowers are generally used in various tamil cooking recipes. This is a simple but very healthy recipe of tempering of dried neem flavours with spices and finally tossing the black rice with them. I generally take these flowers from my mom’s place where we have a neem tree. The flowers would automatically fall down between march to may month. So we generally put a cloth below the tree and collect these flowers. The process does not stop here, we would then dry them up in the sun for 2 days and clean the flowers by removing the neem sticks and neem leaves which fall along with the flowers. We generally collect these flowers and store them for a year.

Did you know- Black Rice or Kavuni Arisi is a grain which has a whole lot of health benefits which includes prevention of diabetes, blood sugar control, weight control etc. It is also full of anti oxidants.

Serve Vepampoo Rice along with Onion Tomato Cucumber Raita, Tadka Raita or any other raita of your choice.

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