Some days I get really frustrated and down because I miss the old foods I can longer eat since being diagnosed with Celiac Disease. Then, there are days where this kind of magic happens: Gluten free KFC bowls! What kind of gluten-filled meals have you turned gluten free? Share your favorites!

Ohhhhhhhhhhh looks so good! I think the key for me is to appreciate delicious stuff that’s either already gluten free or easily made gluten free, and ignore the stuff that’s difficult to recreate, like bagels (RIP my all time favorite food ? yeah I’ve tried Canyon Bakehouse et. al. IT’S NOT THE SAME OKAY).

I am really obsessed with this recipe, rice vermicelli is cheap, easy to cook and freaking DELICIOUS. I don’t even miss pasta when I have a big bowl of rice noodles covered in nuoc cham and chilis and cilantro ???

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