Secret! Is the Ketogenic Diet Good or Bad?

What exactly is a ketogenic diet? What is the charm of a ketogenic diet that can stand out? Let ’s take a look together.

Is the Ketogenic Diet Good or Bad ?

1. What is the ketogenic diet

The ketogenic diet is abbreviated as KD, which is a high-fat, low-carbohydrate diet with appropriate amounts of protein and other nutrients. The specific approach is that three meals a day, can not eat staple food, rely on fat and protein to provide the energy required by the body, to ensure that the energy can not be provided by carbohydrates, which will produce a lot of ketone bodies. The ketogenic diet has a long history and was originally used to treat childhood epilepsy, which has been around for ten years.

2. Can the ketogenic diet lose weight?

Can the ketogenic diet lose weight? The answer is yes. The main principle of the ketogenic diet is to use fat burning instead of carbohydrates to provide energy to our body. That is, the body breaks down fat to produce energy, so as to achieve the purpose of weight loss. Ketogenic diet plus moderate exercise, double fat burning can easily get rid of fat, weight loss effect can be obvious.

3. Is the ketogenic diet recommended for weight loss?

The ketogenic diet’s weight loss effect is very obvious in the short term, but in the long run, the ketogenic diet and other weight loss methods have no significant difference in weight.

Weight loss does not happen overnight. The cycle of ketogenic weight loss generally takes about two to fifteen days, but the specific situation also varies from person to person. In addition, ketogenic weight loss is not to eat staple food for a long time, this method few people can persist for a long time, because most people have their own work every day. Therefore, although the ketogenic weight loss method is simple and effective, there are a few successful people, that is, a few people who insist.

4. the disadvantages of ketogenic diet

1. When the body moisture is reduced, our stools will also become more and more dry, and eventually constipation will occur.

2. Frequent urination. The intake of carbohydrates is reduced, the body’s glycogen is not enough, the insulin level is reduced, and then the kidneys begin to excrete a large amount of sodium, and eventually urinate frequently.

3. A ketogenic diet, a part of the ketone body will be discharged through the mouth, in other words, it will be released to the outside by way of breath. At this time, our breath will smell of rotten apples, which is disgusting.

4. If we don’t eat staple food for a long time, our physical strength will be unable to keep up, and physical discomfort will slowly appear, such as headache, inattention, low blood sugar or dizziness.

The ketogenic diet needs to be cautious, the ketogenic diet should be careful, think carefully, consider carefully before choosing the ketogenic diet, or consult a doctor. The body is the capital of revolution, and everything should be based on good health.

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