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  • Dana Brown : Hi there. Do you accept guest articles? I’m wondering because I’m working on one about “strange but true” connections within your body, like how gum disease can lead to heart disease or how your mental health and gut health are connected and wondered if you might post it on your site. I also plan to include information on potential prevention and treatment measures. If you think your readers would benefit from this information, I could send the article over as soon as it’s finished.
  • Disha Ochani : Hi there! This is Disha from F and B Recipes. I’ve been following your website for some time now and LOVE the kind of content you share! I would love to discuss an opportunity to create an infographic/article for you. It would be custom made for your site and would be helpful for your readers. It will be written by our Editor-in-Chief Shristi Patni. Feel free to review some of her published articles and e-cookbook here: http://blogs.onlineeducation.touro.e
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  • Jennifer McGregor : Hi again, Just checking in to see if you’ve had a chance to consider my guest article offer. I’d still love to write for you on head-to-toe health strategies that can be easily incorporated into everyday life. If you like this topic, please let me know. I can get started on the article right away. Thank you! Jennifer Jennifer McGregor
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  • Jennifer McGregor : Hi there! If you’re open to it, I’d love to write a guest article for you on how to achieve head-to-toe health. We often focus on losing weight, exercising, and maintaining a balanced diet, but what about the details? Our bones, joints, muscles, skin, eyes, nails, and everything in-between deserve just as much care as our waistline. Fortunately, there are lots of ways to create a more well-rounded health regimen. If you accept, I will write a guest article that includes tips on the best h
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