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Cheesecake Factory Menu Prices 2020

Vishal singh


Cheesecake Factory is an American restaurant company and distributor of cheesecakes based in the United States. The company was founded in 1972 as a bakery store by  David M. Overton in Los Angles, California.

But it was in 1978 when David M. Overton decided to make her bakery shop a restaurant. And since 1978, the company has managed to operate 211 full-service restaurants: 195 under The Cheesecake Factory brand, 14 under the Grand Lux Cafe brand and 2 under the RockSugar Pan Asian Kitchen brand. 

It is famous for its cheesecake and dessert options, but it is also well known for its giant menu, delicious entrees, and Skinnylicious menu.

So in this article, I will tell you the Cheesecake Factory menu. And apart from the menu, I will also tell you the franchising details, contact information and nutritional breakdown of every item on the Cheesecake Factory menu.

Cheesecake Factory Menu Prices

Cheesecake Factory menu

As the name Cheesecake Factory suggests that Cheesecake Factory is famous for its variety of Cheesecakes and many other food items. You will find a variety of cheesecakes, snacks, appetizers, salads, Pizza, Burger, Seafood, Coffee, Ice Cream and many other items.

The food of the Cheesecake Factory is widely loved by both Children and Adults. Many people also consider the Cheesecake Factory as the best American fast-food staple. This is because of the quality of food and service they provide to their customers.

And with the affordability of the Cheesecake Factory menu prices that are similar to the prices of Nothing Bundt Cakes, millions of customers are quickly becoming enamoured of the international restaurant chain’s products.

So let’s check out Cheesecake Factory menu prices

Small Plates and Snacks

Stuffed Mushrooms $6.95
Greek Salad $6.95
Loaded Bake Potato TOTS $5.95
Little House Salad $4.95
Beets With Goat Cheese $6.95
Endive Salad $6.95
Chicken Samosas $6.95
Fresh Kale Salad $6.95
Crisp Cuban Rolls $6.95
Fried Zucchini $5.95
Crispy Fried Cheese $5.95
Edamame $4.95
Dynamite Shrimp $7.50
Crispy Crab Bites $7.95
Portabella Avocado & Zucchini Fries $6.95
Fresh Baked Flatbreads $6.95
Fresh Basil,Tomato And Cheese $6.95
Sausage And Ricotta $6.95
Roasted Pear And Blue Cheese $6.95



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