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Ohagi Mochi And Red Bean Sweets

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Enjoy a traditional wagashi dessert dating back to classical times with this easy ohagi mochi and red bean sweets recipe. Commonly enjoyed in Japan during the autumn equinox or during O-bon (a festival for honouring the spirits of one's ancestors), ohagi are made with glutinous mochi rice and sweet chunky red bean paste. Why not make these ahead of time and enjoy for dessert with a cup of green tea?


• 320g mochi rice
• 100g anko red bean paste
• 50g kinako soy bean flour
• 50g sugar
• 1g salt

How To Prepare

Wash the mochi rice straight before you plan to begin cooking. Add two cups of water to your rice cooker or pan, then cook. If you’re not sure about cooking rice follow our “How To Make Japanese Rice and Sushi Rice” recipe, using the amounts listed in this recipe.

Leave the rice to sit without opening your rice cooker or pan for 10 minutes. Remove the pan from the rice cooker or hob, then while the rice is still warm sprinkle on a pinch of salt.

It’s traditional to make the half-crushed style mochi used in ohagi in a suribachi mortar and pestle, however if you do have a suribachi we suggest running the pestle under hot water and using it to crush up the rice in your rice cooker pan or pot. Less clean up. If you don’t have a wooden pestle to hand you can also use a wood spatula.

While the mochi rice is still warm, wet your hands and separate the mixture into roughly 10 even pieces. Flatten them slightly and make a nice round circle, this will be the base for our ohagi.

Add 1 tbsp of anko red bean paste to the flat mochi and carefully gather the mochi over the top, surrounding the anko. Roll it round a couple of times to make sure there are no gaps. Repeat for another 4 pieces of mochi.

In a flat tray, mix the kinako soy bean flour, sugar, and salt together. Roll the ohagi in the kinako mix, making sure it’s lightly covered all over.

Now to repeat the procedure in reverse. Using a damp tea towel, making sure it’s well wrung out, spoon 1 tbsp of anko onto the towel and gently spread it out by pressing on either side of the towel.

Place one of the plain mochi pieces into the centre of the anko and gently fold it round to form a ball. Repeat for the remaining 4 pieces of plain mochi.

Plate your ohagi and enjoy.

Tips and Information

• Don’t worry if you crush the mochi rice too much, this just means you’ve made something equally delicious, mochi for desserts like Strawberry & Sweet Red Bean Mochi.


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