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Mistakes to Avoid While Braising Meat 3-6

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Guest myrecipes.com

You're Not Bringing It to a Simmer First

If you're making a braise in an oven, the idea is to keep the momentum of cooking at approximately the same rate. If you just put your pot of liquid and meat into the oven without simmering it first, it will take so much longer to cook. The easiest way to ensure cooking is even and that it won't take two days to make your pot roast is to make sure the liquid comes to a simmer before you put it in the oven. Promise!

You're Not Checking Your Meat

Once the meat goes in the oven (with a cover on! remember the cover!) you don't have to fuss with it too much. Still, it's a good idea to check in every 20 to 30 minutes or so, so you can see how far along the braise is. Also most of the time the meat is going to float to the top, no matter how good a job submerging it in liquid you did, and you'll want to use tongs to gently turn it so that the top edge is again submerged in the liquid, otherwise one part of the meat is going to be much browner and more dried out than the other. And that would be a shame!

You're Not Letting the Meat Rest

The thing about braises is that they are absolutely better the next day and the day after that. We don't live in an ideal world, so it might not be possible to wait until tomorrow, but you can, at the least. make sure to let your meat rest before you serve it. The reason? Well, once you take the meat and sauce out of the oven, you're probably going to want to adjust the seasoning of the liquid it's in. Maybe a little more salt and pepper. Maybe you're going to do the whole French thing, where you take the meat out, strain the sauce so it's clear of vegetable detritus, and then reduce the sauce before nestling the meat back in it. Either way, you want the meat to absorb the sauce that you've adjusted for flavor so the meat tastes like that. It doesn't need to take forever, even 30 minutes will do it. 

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