7-Day Healthy Meal Plan (March 30-April 5)

A free 7-day, flexible weight loss meal plan including breakfast, lunch and dinner and a shopping list. All recipes include calories and updated WW Smart Points. 7-Day Healthy Meal Plan I hope everyone is doing well and staying healthy! We are practicing our social distancing and have rediscovered an old love of puzzles and it’s […]

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Vazhakkai Poriyal Recipe – Raw banana Roast With Pepper

Vazhakkai Poriyal Recipe is a classic tamil nadu style poriyal which is also made ayurvedic without the addition of red chillies, onion and garlic. This poriyal made from raw banana tossed in asafoetida and black pepper makes it super delicious and tasty. The dish is very quick and easy to prepare and kids will love to try this recipe as it is flavorful and tasty. Raw banana is equally nutritious vegetable as it is diabetic friendly and has lots minerals, vitamins and a good source of fiber.

Serve the Vazhakkai Poriyal Recipe – Raw banana Roast as side dish along with Steamed Rice and Sambar for a delicious weekend lunch.

If you are looking for more Raw Banana Recipes here are some : 

  1. Kelyachi Bhaji Recipe (Raw Banana Stir Fry)
  2. Raw Banana Cutlet Recipe
  3. Bengali Beetroot And Raw Banana Chop Recipe (Spiced Cutlet Recipe)
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Nellikai Rasam Recipe – Whole Gooseberry Rasam

Nellikai Rasam Recipe is a absolutely delicious rasam made from Whole Gooseberries which is packed with nutrition and taste and most essentially an immunity boosting drink.

Rasam is the South Indian traditional soup that is filled with the necessary vitamins and antioxidants to fight the pollutants in the environment and also soothes various minor ailments. It is a comfort food that is tasty and helps build our immunity. 

Serve Nellikai Rasam along with Steamed Rice and Elai VadamKovakkai Poriyal Recipe and Spiced Buttermilk for a weekday lunch.

If you like this recipe, you can also try

  1. Veppam Poo rasam
  2. Paruppu Urundai rasam
  3. Moong Dal rasam.
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Sorakaya Masala Curry Recipe – Andhra Style Sorakaya Curry

Sorakaya Koora or Sorakaya Masala Curry is a simple and tasty Andhra Style curry where Bottle Gourd/Lauki is cooked with simple South Indian masalas. This recipe is simple to make and therefore its perfect to make during busy mornings to pack in your lunch box.

Did you know – Bottle Gourd is a vegetable high on water (about 92%) and is a rich source of vitamin C, K and calcium. It helps in maintaining a healthy heart and brings down bad cholesterol levels. It is low in saturated fat, cholesterol, high in dietary fibre.

Serve Sorakaya Masala Curry along with Mixed Vegetable Sambar, Beetroot Pachadi and Steamed Rice for your weekday lunch or dinner. 

If you like this recipe of Sorakaya Masala Curry, you can also try other Bottle Gourd recipes that you can make for your Vegetarian dinner:

  1. Khatta Meetha Lauki Recipe
  2. Sorekai Majjige Huli Recipe
  3. Sukhi Dahi Wali Lauki Recipe
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